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Character Construction:
Build a Better World
Clue Into Your World!
Clue Into Your World!
Dream Big magic
The Magic of Dreaming Big
US History Magic show
Amazing American Heroes

Magical Archeology Adventure
Nutritional Magic Show
Magically Nutritious

Clue Into Your World!


We recently had the pleasure of experiencing Scott Obermann's assembly program titled "Clue Into Your World." Scott was very entertaining while educating students about geography, libraries, books, maps, flags, and countries. I've never seen our sixth graders so focused on a "magical" presenter before! From the Abraham Lincoln portrait to audience participation, our K-6 students were glued to the program! Scott responded very well to students' reactions and answers to his questions.

Teachers and students commmented about the high quality of show that was presented!

I highly recommend Scott Obermann!


Tess Lecy-Wojcik
Iola-Scandinavia Elementary School


Looking to get your students excited about reading? Here's a program that does that and helps kids learn about geography.

Everyone loves a mystery. This educational show for kids will keep them captivated from start to finish. The show starts with the mysterious disappearance of some magic tricks.The only clue -- they've been hidden somewhere in the world. And that's a big place! With that premise, Inspector Great Scott from the MBI (Magical Bureau of Investigation) will enlist the help and critical thinking skills of students in this magical mystery tour of the world. This program promotes reading and library use as it reinforces key elements in your school's geography curriculum. Maps, various countries, types of terrain, national symbols, history-- all taught using magic, music, and ventriloquism.

"...people were praising you as they left. They thought it was a humorous program, and that you worked well with the children . . . Also, you are easy to work with. You’re friendly and personable, yet professional. It’s a nice combination."
   --Sara Soukup, Lake Geneva Public Library

A fun-loving dog (puppet) named Chauncey will delight students with his antics. The children will also remember "meeting" Abraham Lincoln (in a very unusual and funny manner) and learning some interesting facts about his life. They'll leave, knowing more about the role of geography and history. Plus, they'll have a better understanding of where to go for more information -- the library.

All of this combines to make an educationally significant program that children will both enjoy and learn from.

"I thought you did a great job, especially the way you incorporated "nuggets" of learning, while keeping them engaged in what you were doing"
   --Karen Christianson, Lowell Public Library

"We really appreciate how you integrated the use of libraries and books into the program. So many performers say they have a program that features libraries...when what they really mean is they slipped a few words into a standardized program. You made libraries, books and research the central feature of your presentation. Fantastic! "
   --Michelle Dennis , Clinton Public Library

"There were MANY positive comments after the show. Kids told me they had a good time, and parents said they thought it was great"
   --Ann Piehl, Whitefish Bay Library

"I appreciated the theme running through the whole program"
   --North Lake Public Library

Geography Assembly Program
Curriculum Objectives

Children will learn that geography entails more than just locations on a map. It also includes history, specialized terminology, cultural differences, national flags and national boundaries.

Moral Values
Children will learn that you shouldn't take things that don't belong to you.

Children will learn that reading is fun.
The difference between fiction and non-fiction is discussed.
The Dewey Decimal System
Reading books helps us learn new and interesting things about our world.

Geography Songs Music for teaching U.S. and world geography.


Magically Nutritious

Curriculum Objectives

Eating right is serious business for students needing to learn. This show provides a fun way to reinforce making the right food and excercise choices.

We use the MyPlate paradigm to demonstrate which foods are needed and in what quantities. After all, its important to know what we are fueling our bodies with.

  • Excercise daily -- get out and move your body.
  • Junk food is not food -- ditch the sugary snacks.
  • Drink your water -- every body is made up of 60% water.
  • Understand the MyPlate model of eating.
  • And as long as we are learning -- let's have some fun too!


    Scott, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for yesterday. I have received nothing but positive comments back from both staff and students. They really loved it. One of the teachers stopped me to say that it was the best assembly she’d seen! ... Thanks again!

    Barb Anderson -- Forest Park Elementary - Kenosha, WI

    The Magic of Dreaming Big!

    A program of encouragement

    Geared for children ages k4 through 8th grade!

    It's been said that a country's greatest resource is its children. After all, they are the future leaders, movers and shakers. With that in mind, this program is designed to motivate kids in two areas -- Reading and Goal Setting. Leaders are readers. And we need good leaders.

    Fun, Entertaining, Educational, and Motivational – That sums up this program. This is a one-man variety show featuring magic, ventriloquism, puppets, appropriate mood-setting music and tons of audience involvement. Throughout the program children are encouraged to dream about their future -- think about what they might do with their lives. After all, we only get one life so let's make it count! Set goals, think about your future and dare to dream of something great for your life.

    Also infused within the program is the idea that reading is connected to this processes of dreaming big. Books are the gate to the imagination and to learning. They help us think about possibilities for our own lives and for others. So, with subtle, repetitive references to reading and books, Scott presents the reading message.

    The climax of this show is a wonderful message about being the best person we can be. Scott presents the idea that lifting others up and helping them be their best is a goal that is both laudable and worthy of our effort.

    "Thanks Scott for coming out to our school for your assembly "Magic of Dreaming Big." ...
    The students absolutely loved your program. I enjoyed watching their reactions as they laughed so hard. The students were thinking about the questions you asked and were eager to participate. The message was great regarding making choices today to make your one life the best it can be. It is up to each and every one of us to "make it a marvelous day!"

    Cathy DeBondt -- Laurel Primary School, Laurel, Iowa

    "Everyone commented it was a great entertainment for the day and you were very well liked! We will definitely keep you in mind again and tell others. Thank you for making the day be special with your magic and encouraging words."

    Tami Latsch St. Peter's Lutheran School Hellenville, Wisconsin

    "Great Scott, the Magical Entertainer came to MMSA on Feb 1st, where students experienced a message of Dream Big and we only have one life to live. This show motivated kids in two areas Reading and Goal Setting.They were also entertained with music, magic, and books to read. The students love to see magic right before their eyes. The show was wonderful,the kids had a great time!"

    --Milwaukee Math and Science Academy Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Some typical reactions after the program.

    Thank you for putting on two AMAZING shows! I heard nothing but positive remarks from everyone in attendance . You did a fantastic job, and everyone could tell you put a lot of work into your show. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be in contact with you next year about coming back as well! Thanks!

    -- Pilgrim Lutheran School
    Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Scott:... I want to thank you for putting on an excellent show for our Family Reading Night. The parents and students loved it!!! You were very personable and sent a great message to our kids about dreaming big. I would love to contact you again in the future and will definitely be recommending you to other schools in the area. Thanks again.

    Stephanie -- Assistant to the Principal -- Hyde Park Elementary School Waukegan, Illinois

      "Very fun and interactive."

      "Great Scott was a great performer and we had an awesome turnout! He was very gracious... We had multiple positive responses from parents and children. Definitely a winner!"

      "LOVED Scott. He made his whole performance reflective of the Dream BIG theme - great job!"

      "The children responded well and thoroughly enjoyed the show."

      "Scott's show was very fun. ... great show!"

      "Please ask him back - everyone RAVED about his performance!"

      "Scott was wonderful. He engaged the whole audience in his show. Definitely would enjoy seeing him again"

      "Wonderful read on the crowd--Scott did a great job with jokes, props and magic tricks. He was pleasant both on and off the stage!"

      "Great program--the kids did not want to leave."

      "Everyone loved the show. He got the kids involved and interacted great with everyone."

       Lakeshore Library System 2012 Evaluations

       Emphasis on Reading and Goal Setting.

       Plenty of comedy and magical surprises to keep interest level high!

       An abundance of audience interaction and participation.

       Ventriloquism --Meet Scott's magic helper, Chauncey! (He's a "talking" puppet with a great, fun attitude.)


    Great Scott and the Magical Archeology Adventure

    Designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade

    Think Indiana Jones meets elementary school teacher for this program which combines educational content about history, and archeology with a wonderfully engaging use of magic and ventriloquism to capture the attention and imagination of your students. Reading motivation is a key component. Several books relating to archeology and history are used and referenced during the program. Students are encouraged to learn more by reading books from their library.

    This is a highly interactive program as well. Students are constantly asked questions and invited to offer their input throughout. Several students are welcomed 'on stage' to assist in the presentation.

    An assembly program that works on many levels and touches many disciplines. Reading motivation, Archeology, Science, History -- it's all there -- wrapped up in a program that will keep your students interested and fully engaged the entire time. They enjoy and are drawn in by the magic and ventriloquism while at the same time they are asked to think about history, and their place in it. The final minutes are inspirational and thought provoking -- leaving the students with a message that challenges them to take seriously the decisions they make and the actions they take every day.

    Scott, The children had a wonderful time. My two girls could not stop chatting about everything that happened. Mr. Ehling our principle was very pleased as well. Thank you so much for the wonderful impact you have had on our school.
       --Janis -- PTO -- Elton Hills Elementary


    Scott Obermann’s assembly was great! The magic definitely caught the student’s attention and the message about reading and the books that connected with the content area of archeology aligned with informational text standards. Scott connects well with the students and engages them visually and through questions.
       --Paul Ehling
       Principal of Elton Hills Elementary

    "Scott provided the best merger of performer-artistry with the Summer reading program theme that I have ever seen! His presentation was polished, professional, engaging, educational, inspirational, HUMOROUS and involved a great deal of audience participation."
       --Linda -- Ripon Public Library




    Building Character Program

    Character Construction

    This world is in need of people with strong character. People who can hammer out differences and drill down to the core of a problem. People who can do the heavy lifting of being honest and trustworthy. If we want to build a better world, then this next generation needs to be equipped with the tools to do that. Its going to take women and men of character. And that's what this program is about.
    Character Construction is a unique and high energy show for school assemblies. It brings a positive message that highlights the 6 pillars of character. Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship while assisting every student in defining these six character traits for themselves. Using magic and some ventriloquism combined with plenty of audience interaction and participation, students actually get involved in the program. Some are invited to help out directly -- others help right from their seats. Scott asks questions throughout the program to ensure students are actively listening and thinking about the information being presented.
    Kids love construction, and they love magic. They love having fun. But the Character Construction school assembly program merges all of this and infuses learning into the fun. The result is a fantastic, high-impact show for elementary students that not only captures their attention, but leaves them with a fresh understanding of what having great character means.
         A few of the benefits of this show:

  • Character traits are clearly defined
  • Traits are visually represented as bricks in a wall
  • Lots of interaction with and involvement of students during the program
  • Students understand that THEY are responsible to build good character
  • Children will learn that they personally play a role in building a better world


    American History program

    Amazing American Heroes

    History like you've never experienced it. Magic & ventriloquism combine with plenty of humor, student interaction and participation in this fun-tastic, factual, hysterically historical look at heroes from America. Forget super-heroes, these are real-life Americans who did extraordinary things. Throughout this program, we'll have students assist –up front, in costume or right from their seats. Appropriate mood setting music and books are used. A Custom backdrop and sound system set the stage for a theater-like event.

    This program explores, in brief, the major accomplishments of several Americans who have distinguished themselves through acts of courage or outstanding achievement. People like Amelia Earhart, the Wright Brothers, Neal Armstrong, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Edison and of course Harry Houdini will be the subject of the program. We'll not only talk about them, but point students to books written especially about each person. All of this will tie together with illusions or ventriloquist skits designed to get the kids involved and peak their interest to know more about these amazing American heroes.

    But beyond this, students are challenged to think about the decisions they make every day. They are left with the reminder that every decision they make and every action they take -- matters. Not just for today and not just for them.

    How Do I Find Out More?

    That's the easy part. Call Scott's office at:
    and he or his staff will be happy to answer any questions.